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Every web design that we create at Rethink Media is optimised for viewing on every device – be it tablets, mobiles or desktops. We offer responsive design as a vital component of our service, given that the number of users accessing websites and businesses on hand-held devices is increasing every year.

Indeed, research has shown that six in ten Australian adults own multiple devices (tablets, mobile phones and computers), with 79% of all adult users under 55 owning a smartphone. Given these figures, it leaves today’s businesses with no option but to ensure that all web design is responsive. Whether you have an existing website and need it modified to meet changing consumer demand for a responsive experience, or want a new website designed, we can help.

At Rethink Media, we create beautiful, intuitive, responsive websites for your business.

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Mobile Responsive Design Planing

Customised Responsive Web Design

We work with customised CSS and HTML to create a responsive site that is specifically made for you. There will be no need to redirect your users to a specific mobile site, and your responsive web design will create a familiar environment for your users that will encourage conversions.

Building within the CSS frameworks of Bootstrap and Foundation ensures a responsive and easy-to-manage website that is designed to meet the needs of your business. Whether your website is focused on content or filled with highly detailed images, we can create the perfect responsive web design for you.

We can also create HTML responsive emails that can be read clearly on any device, ensuring a consistent user experience across every medium.

Perfect On Any Device

We create our responsive web designs in line with Google’s Material Design principles. This means that every design we make is intuitive, featuring a structure, focus and deliberate planning that creates an immersive and friendly user experience.

Every part of our web design incorporates appropriate focusing and attention-grabbing components, with each considered for their merit in conversion and as part of a positive user experience.

Mobile Tablet Friendly Website
Web Design Mobile Friendly

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Some of the benefits of responsive web design may not be so apparent immediately, but they are just as vital as the user experience and friendly interface.

Reporting made easy

When you have a single site that is responsive, you don’t have to set up and manage the tracking of conversions, user journeys and funnels across multiple sites. You will be able to track and read all your data in one place, making it easy to manage your marketing and conversion efforts.

Increased visibility online

A responsive web design means that you only have one site to update, which means less time spent managing your content and modifying your site. You can spend more time on your search engine optimisation strategy and on delivering quality content for your users. A mobile optimised site is also featured prominently in localised search results, which is great news for local businesses.

Choose Rethink Media for Responsive Web Design

We are experienced in working with existing sites and modifying them into responsive sites, and we can also develop a web design that is entirely responsive from the start. Our award-winning development and design team can work with you to deliver the right solution for your business – get in touch with us today to discover the Rethink Media difference.

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