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Is your business in pursuit of innovative options to gain superior real estate positioning within Google’s search results? Our dynamic campaigns for AdWords are a powerful inclusion that will be an instantaneous and motivational marketing tool for your brand. At Rethink Media, our formula for AdWords management is easy, a diligent work ethic plus a performance driven campaign strategy equals proven results.

We put ourselves into the driver’s seat of your target audience’s minds to determine how your clients or customers interact with Google to find your product or service. Our campaign formulation creates advertisements that are driven to capture user engagement, designed to convert, and be a productive and cost-effective investment for your brand via the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) format.

Contact our Brisbane AdWords Management team today to discuss options for kick-starting a results-focused campaign that will be a functioning marketing platform for your brand.

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Google AdWords Management

Boost Your Brand With an AdWords Plan that Gets Results

Instinct – it’s one of the prominent characteristics in what drives customers and clients in their receptiveness towards search results of products or services online. AdWords takes precedence in Google’s listings, which means your potential target audience will be immediately exposed to your brand’s advertisements and will instinctively be drawn to your marketing publication.

Our AdWords Management Brisbane team specialises in developing campaigns that are solution based and optimally customised to create conversions by instigating direct and valuable interaction with your website or points of contact. We create strategically formulated advertisements that are designed to reach target specific locations; include a variety of marketing formats such as, video ads, display ads, and text ads; and we help to ensure your campaign meets with short and long-term budgetary forecasts.

With AdWords providing the flexibility and economic freedom of setting budgets and incurring payment only when there’s direct interaction with your advertisement, it’s a cost-effective and adaptive inclusion into your promotional objectives.

Contact us today, and let’s capitalise on the vast opportunities and positive branding this performance driven marketing strategy can create for your business.

Landing Pages – Creating a Place to Make a Lasting First Impression

To put the concept of landing pages into perspective, it could be characterised similar that of a plane landing or delivering its passengers to a specific destination. Landing pages are designed to be an entry point to your website and to integrate seamlessly with your AdWords advertisements.

At Rethink Media, we develop optimised landing pages that encompass the key objectives associated with your AdWords campaign. To achieve results, we are focused on key components that relate to precise and distinctively unique brand content, easy page navigation, efficient load time, mobile-friendly integration, and lead generation by providing the opportunity to acquire information direct from your potential customers or clients.

Our objectives and management capabilities don’t start and end with just an AdWords advertisement. We are dedicated to pursuing and implementing productive marketing concepts that will generate click-throughs with the result of amplifying user engagement with your website, and being advantageous in enhancing your brand’s presence online.

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Our Lines of Communication Are Always Open

In addition to being dedicated to achieving distinct goals for our clients, we believe in building strong partnerships that are founded on open communication channels, and delivering transparency within all project engagements.

We present weekly and monthly reports detailing comprehensive information, tracking of conversions, and other useful data that provides you the ability to analyse and evaluate the performance of your AdWords campaign.

Contact us today and let’s discuss the opportunities available to grow your business through the functional features of Google’s advertising network.